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Basant Academic Heights School is managed & driven by skilled staff. This school is credited with revolutionizing the concept of early childhood education, by pioneering a vibrant and child friendly system of learning to what were then dull, drab and restrictive establishment with learning techniques. Basant Academy Heights School creates an atmosphere which encourages a child to explore and while they learn have fun. In Basant Academy Heights play group section we hel the children in understanding the value of school & make them feel like away from home, as they become more creative & well behaved with the help of wonderful teachers. We help them in understanding colors, shapes, alphabets, teach them rhymes & stories. They enjoy swings, pool, fancy & colorful way of teaching and we help them in removing their fear to school. We play proper attention in their subjective studies. We pay proper attention in their subjective studies, as they are going for their subjective books. We help them in understanding their concept with the proper guidance by our talented faculty. We start our examination system from our primary wing onwards. By this we get the feedback on the state of child’s performance and are able to spot any lack of understanding early in the cycle and take requisite remedial steps and support them in their studies.



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